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  • PALO SANTO STICKS can be used in purifying smoke cleansing rituals for homes, cars, yoga studios, and more to combat negative energies in the atmosphere. Bring back the positive energies in your home that may have been lost.Works great as a gift for loved ones and friends!
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED: Our Palo Santo is always sustainably harvested. Only naturally fallen trees are harvested, after a 10 year cure period, they are processed to create the beautiful smudging sticks you shall receive. 
  • USES: Palo Santo, traditionally known as Holy Wood, is perfect for smoke cleansing rituals, aromatherapy, and restocking your smudge kits. Or if you simply love the smell, they are perfect to burn for the aroma!
  • HOW TO USE: Hold the Palo Santo stick in one hand, and with the other, light the end of the stick on fire. Once it has been lit for a few moments, blow the flame out. There should still be a portion smoldering and letting off smoke. Walk around your home in a circular fashion and let the smoke touch all corners of the home. When you are finished, thank your Palo Santo, and end on a feeling of gratitude.
  • INCLUDES: Five (5) or Ten (10) cut sticks of naturally dried and sustainably sourced Palo Santo.

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