Our Unique Approach

We take pride in using only the finest ingredients to create our handmade products. Manufactured by Habbie Enterprise, using 100% natural and organic components. From the beginning, we focused on cruelty-free cosmetics at Habbie Beauty Supplies. Animal testing is NOT something we support. With your continued support we shall continue to raise the bar, and expand our lines.

For phase two of our operation, we will be planting and producing the vast majority of the raw materials we use in our product lines, on our recently acquired farm land located in the hills of Jamaica. This is how we will give back to our community, by providing jobs, education, and opportunity to those who need it most.

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Hair Growth Oil for Men & Women | Beauty Supplies

Hair Growth Oil for Men & Women | Beauty Supplies

A serum made from all natural ingredients. Habbie's Hair Growth oil is lightweight blend of... 

Handmade Premium Body Butter | Habbie Beauty Supplies

Handmade Premium Body Butter | Habbie Beauty Supplies

Our multipurpose Handmade Premium Body Butter is raw and unrefined, and available in... 

Turmeric Restore Whipped Sugar Scrub in Action


    Are you tired of using the same old products on your hair and achieving minimal results? Our growing line of vegan hair care products is exactly what you need to add to your beauty & health routine. Keep your hair & skin healthy and beautiful


    At Habbie Beauty Supplies, we take pride in developing quality soaps with healing properties


    Total body coverage to keep your skin soft & moisturized in any condition. Give your skin the remedy it needs with our handmade Body Butters.